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What is the perfect penis size?

Looking for a bigger penis size which like the big cocks or pornstars? With the following supplements you also will have a big dick like porn star guaranteed. It is difficult to say "what the perfect penis size is" because every person wants something different and so every women or men likes something different. While some like a more hard dick other like a bigger and soft dick, however what we all agree is that a big dick is preferred over a small dick, because a big cock feels better in the pussy and it gives a man more confidence to see a hard firm well sized cock go into the pussy or ass. Of course you don't need to overdo it, as scientific research showed us women prefer a normal to good size cock over a huge penis. An supplement store used by the pornstars is called Pharmacy XL as they have an extra large offering of sex pills for low prices and as pornstars use this pills every day they want and need low prices so now you can also take advantage of this amazing online pharmacy in business since 2001, but promise only to tell it to your best friends!
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How to get a big dick like a pornstar

Most pornstars are born with above average penis sizes, otherwise they wouldn't decide to start a career as pornstar, however many porn stars use suppleemnts to get a stronger erection and bigger cock, that's 100% sure! And trust me I can know it as I was a pornstar before in my younger years, so I know the industry inside and out. Pornstars use Kamagra or Viagra to get hard on the set always. These 2 pills are simply the best as the active ingredient "sildenafil citrate" makes your blood vessels widen and the blood will go more easily into you penis so you erection will be easier, harder and longer. This is very much needed as a pornstar needs to have an erection of 1 hour during a porn set movie. In addition to this, the porn stars also take herbal supplements to increase the size of their penis every day, like for example Herbal Max Gun Power which is an all natural and herbal sex supplement which every day will increase the size of your penis a bit and increases your stamina. Of course you should also combine this with an healthy lifestyle and some sports sometimes.

The best pills for penis enlargement

Well as we already described above the best pills for penis enlargement are a combination of 2 pills. The first pill is the erection pill like Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra or Cialis to simply widen your blood vessels so this will always work 100% and makes your erection stronger, more powerful and longer and this only will increase the size of your erection with 1 cm easily and will make you have a thick cock! Secondly for the long run you can take herbal sex pills like Enhance 9 or Max Gun Power to every day make your penis a little bit bigger and stronger. This dual action method is used by the professional pornstars and guaranteed to have result as you can see in the many porn movies - you rarely see a pornstar with a small cock and limp dick isn't it?
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